Erin grew up in the Northern half of Minnesota, where she was raised on the banks of the St. Croix river and inevitably grew to love the great outdoors. 

Erin's biggest downfall is her need to find and try new hobbies. You'll never see her spending time learning just one thing. Instead, she finds interest in many areas, including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, traveling, rock climbing, and of course, weaving and knotting. 

Erin's background in weaving goes back just a few years, when the new uprising of the 1970's art form took place. She started by making her own loom and weaving small wall hangings. Once she discovered this was really an art form that interested her, she bought a lap loom and began selling small pieces of wall art. What came next was macrame. Together, these two forms of art help Erin express her deep love for 70's style mixed with a good amount of contemporary design.

Today, when she is not in the North woods chasing Grouse and Woodcock, or enjoying the sunset over the next horizon, you'll find Erin at home with her back hunched over the loom or carefully knotting a new macrame banner all in hopes that these pieces will find a place in your heart and home.  

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